Without You

Ebony wrote "Without You" because of the pain I see and feel when so many of US struggle with social issues and how we choose to deal with them. There is so much Global suffering in the world its heartbreaking. Many people become homeless after losing a job or being evicted some commit suicide or turn to a form of addiction to ease the pain that Life can bring..."Without You" describes how without each other and a Higher Power or Spiritual connection we can't make it. My hope is one day to see our communities restored where, We, Brothers and Sisters, Mankind help each other. Let us send healing light and enlightenment , peace, and love and Solutions! I am joining forces whith organizations and individuals to offer  information to these issues; please email links to ebonydiazmusic@gmail.com 

Lets raise our voices and make a difference in our lifetime. Be the change you want to see..A portion of the proceeds are being donated .I want to Thank my Higher Power which I choose to call GOD for the following people and organizations that continue to provide endless community services. This vision could not be fulfilled without the amazing skills of "Louis  DePriest" videography and editing services. The phenomenol music production by "LCK Bardi. The "Fourth Dimension Clubhouse" and friends of "Bill W." for providing a safe place for anyone in need of help. "Faith and Life Fellowhip Ministries Church","Little Flower Church", "St. Johns Church" ,"Camila House" , "The National Suicide Hotline" and " A Place For Me."  My amazing friends who showed up to help make this video and love me..Namaste..Without You" is an inspirational reminder that WE ARE NOT ALONE!!



Yo escribí la canción “ Sin ti” por el dolor que veo y siento cuando la mayoría de nosotros  luchamos con temas sociales y cómo escogemos resolverlos. El sufrimiento global en el mundo es tan doloroso. Muchas personas pierden sus empleos son desalojados de sus vivencias y terminan indigentes, algunos cometen suicidio, otros entran en la adicion de drogas para escapar del dolor de la realidad que la vida les presenta.


Sin una conexión superior o espiritual no podemos sobrevivir. Mi esperanza es que un día nuestras comunidades se repuesta, donde nosotros hermanos y hermanas podemos ayudarnos mutuamente.  Vamos a unirnos y mandar luz sanadora, paz, amor y solución. Una parte de dinero esta donada para ajudar.


Quiero dar gracias a "Dios" y las siguientes personas y organizaciones que continúan proporcionando interminables servicios a la comunidad.

"Louis DePriest", Videografía y servicios editoriales, "LCK Bardi "Music Production, "Fourth Dimension Clubhouse" y amistades de "Bill W"., mis amistades que me ayudaron en el video. "Faith and Life Ministry Church", " Little Flower Church" , "St. Johns Church", "Camila House", " National Suicide Hotline"  and "A Place for Me".



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